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Public Libraries

Finding a Libraries web site is easy. Browse through any of the Libraries categories below, or use the search box to find College and University Libraries, Government, National, Presidential or Public Library you need.
Find a Public, Research or School Library online ie easy in our internet directory! Browse public, research, or government libraries around the world.

Random websites:
Library of Congress Cataloging and Acquisitions
The homepage of the Library of Congress Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access Directorate.

Open Access News
News from the free online scholarship movement.

University of Kentucky
Chandler Medical Center Library, Lexington

University of Durham
Research affiliation: Research Library Group.

Scholars' Lab - University of Virginia
The Center combines an on-line archive of electronic texts and images with a library service that offers hardware and software suitable for the creation and analysis of text.

Library cataloging, searching, and circulation software for churches and schools.

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Research affiliation: Research Library Group.

Public Libraries International Network
International public library experts develop and test innovative concepts for modern library management.

SMU Faculty Senate: Faculty Responses About the Proposed Bush Library Center
Responses to a call for comments, gathered in March and April 2007.

Yahoo News

27 fascinating libraries
Like many visitors in Seattle, Glenn Nagel found himself in the city trying to avoid the rain. After wandering around, he eventually made his way to the Seattle Public Library to escape the dreary weather. Libraries are dying? Think again

Blog Post: New Data: More than 90% of U.S. Public Libraries Have Used E-rate
New analysis shows that participation is greater than expected.

Digital Public Library of America to add millions of records to its archive
At one year old, DPLA makes some big partnerships and looks back on its growth.

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